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I was shocked when I visited the picture page of stopthetowernow.org website and saw our family home in plain view from the tower site proposed by Lazer Broadcasting.

My family has lived in Yu­caipa since 1945 and purchased 120 acres adjacent to what is now the Wildwood Canyon State Park in 1977.

We are outraged that Lazer Broadcasting would be able to come and destroy what has been an untouched pristine view for our family to enjoy.  We built our home in 1978 with the surrounding landscape in mind, leaving every single oak tree standing and preserving 95 percent of the natural land.  We have fought to limit development that would deface our scenic views.  It is disturbing that a corporation with interests in Hemet/Riverside County would be given the permission to destroy all that we have fought for.

Lazer Broadcasting is now putting our family and home in danger, the tower would be very likely to attract lighting.  Fire is one of the largest hazards to our home, we have had to evacuate many times over the years not knowing if we would have a home to return to.  The grading and trenching could create a landslide, putting the residents below in danger.  The 2009 fire has already stressed the surrounding land.

The native species will have their habitats disturbed or destroyed by Lazer Broad­casting. Also animals could be put in danger from the wires, cables and razor wire installed.  We are also concerned about our health and our neighbor’s health. These radio towers are known to have dangerous radio frequencies; this will affect us and generations to come.

This area is one of Yucaipa’s last rural untouched areas; please do not give Lazer Broadcasting the chance to destroy it.  I do not want to have a 50 foot steel tower as my view from my backyard or when I am hiking or riding my horse in the park.  There are more appropriate locations for a 50-ft tower, this is not the place.  Please visit the website, sign the petition, attend meetings and help us keep Yucaipa beautiful.

Amber Rice

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