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Location is everything. That is a concept that Lazer Broad­casting has yet to grasp. Their continued efforts to put a radio tower adjacent to Pisgah Peak and Wildwood Canyon State Park are clear evidence of that fact. The community has said time and time again that they don’t want any obstructions to the pristine views that these parks provide, but Lazer continues to ignore their pleas.

At a Planning Commission hearing on March 17, opponents of Lazer’s tower showed up in force to voice their concerns. To their surprise, Lazer had requested to have their item continued to another meeting. The reason for this was clear — the Planning Commission staff was recommending denial and Lazer needed to seek a new strategy.

In their latest attempt to appease the Planning Com­mission, Lazer is now proposing to use a 43-foot monopole instead of a 43-foot lattice tower. Lazer may think this is a fair compromise, but for the thousands of people who have signed the petition against their proposal, the type of tower is not the issue. The issue is that Lazer is threatening the state parks that we have all come to cherish. It’s not the project, it’s the location.  Pisgah Peak and Wildwood Canyon State Parks have a special place in the hearts of Yucaipa residents. This area is where equestrians ride their horses, mountain bikers find challenging paths, hikers take peaceful strolls, and local families enjoy the open wilderness together.

Adding any eyesore that destroys the natural vistas of this recreational area will ruin the positive experience that so many visitors take away each and every year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a monopole or a lattice tower. These state parks are a community asset and need to be preserved in their natural state.

The type of tower also does not fix the other problems associated with its construction and operation. The facilities re­quired to operate Lazer’s equipment present challenges in addressing potential fire risks and could jeopardize local wildlife. Grading will need to be conducted that will change the landscape forever. This project does not belong in this location.

Lazer continues to fight the community’s wishes despite the fact there are several alternative sites where they could erect a radio tower. The local community, the San Bernardino County Planning Department and the Board of Supervisors have all said this is not the right location. Over 9,000 people have signed a petition in opposition to this tower. How many more will it take before Lazer gets the hint?

Please attend the next Planning Commission hearing on May 5, so we can end this fight once and for all. We need to show Lazer that our community will not give up our way of life or our parks and open spaces.

Stay up to date on the latest efforts to stop the tower and show your opposition by signing the petition at www.stopthetowernow.org/sign_the_petition.php.

Raymond Monroe


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