Attend the May 5 hearing with him


The pleasure of hiking through the picturesque trails of the rural and untouched land of the Wildwood Canyon State Park is unlike any other. For the past eight years I have taken full advantage of hiking and all that the park has to offer and I cannot imagine a 50-foot radio broadcasting tower or pole for that matter being built on its hilltops.

The installation of utility trenches threaten miles of sensitive vegetation. The construction itself impacts nesting native bird species during the process of clearing and removing foliage.

I myself have seen several rare species such as the Lawrence goldfinch and Coast Horned Lizard that call the region’s box canyons home.

I urge residents of Yucaipa to fight with me. Attend the hearing May 5 at the San Ber­nardino Government Center and help protect the pristine open space that Yucaipa has to offer.

Dave Miller


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