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As a member of the Yucaipa Planning Commission, I fully support the City Council resolution opposing the Lazer tower next to Wildwood Canyon State Park.

Wildwood Canyon State Park serves as a landmark as one of Yucaipa’s last untouched areas and is a place that I have en­joyed and supported for more than two decades.

There are alternative locations for a 50-foot tower that are more appropriate and less harmful. Please to sign the petition and see other ways that you can help conserve the land and keep Yucaipa beautiful.

Jerry Cape


  1. Do not let the hard work of Frank Sissions and the conservancy to provide a refuge without man made distractions that take away from the experience of getting away from life with distractions.

  2. It is a crime when a town allows a company to put its profits and progress ahead of preserving both the environment and native Indian lands not to speak of the additional risk of wildfires like the recent Creek fire in Tujunga Canyon. Yucaipa must vote against this violation of our natural environment and increased fire risk for our homes.

  3. I am very against the tower . There is no reason to have this possible fire hazard in this area where there is so much brush. I think they should place this tower in the Moreno Valley area.

  4. If the people have said a resounding “NO”, why do we keep having to fight it? Oh, I guess It’s like all the other projects that eventually slither by and are approved…like the 7,000 homes for Calimesa.

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