A call-out to fellow Yucaipans


There is an open space area that needs our help and all it will cost you is a little bit of time, but your action could make a very big impact if we all join-in.

The Wildwood Canyon State Park is one of our community’s last remaining great open space treasures. But development threatens to destroy this special area that we nature lovers cherish and our local wildlife depends on.

It is vital to our wildlife that this land remain open and pristine.

This is even more true now that Wilson Creek Estates has been approved and hundreds of new homes will eventually swarm over this large North Bench wildlife corridor.

As a former member of the Yucaipa Trails & Open Space Committee, I have followed the proposals made by Lazer Broadcasting to build a radio tower adjacent to Wildwood Canyon State Park for many years. I have spoken out against this project, as have many others. But our voices have not yet been enough to stop the tower project.

As a local resident, you should be aware that this project will have enormous impacts on the park by permanently damaging the natural scenic vistas and increasing fire hazards, to say nothing of the negative impact it will bear on our local plants and wildlife. Once the tower is built, it will also open the door for other towers and development, and further the blight of our local open space long after the Lazer Tower owners have all gone home to their pristine views (none of them actually live here).

While long term conservation efforts are underway by the Yucaipa Valley Conser­vancy, The Wildlands Conser­vancy and the U.S. Forest Service to expand and protect such areas of our community, the Wildwood Canyon State Park urgently needs our help right now, while we can still make a difference.

Please help preserve Yucai­pa’s natural resources for yourself and our future generations. Send a letter of opposition by visiting https://stopthetowernow.org.

Simply click on the “Sign our Petition!” tab (in the upper right of the website), and follow the cues to enter your name.

You can also go back to the site anytime to stay current on the latest news about the project.

Don’t delay.

We need everyone’s help to preserve this local natural open space resource.

KT Gates-Waldrup




  1. Leave the park alone,the wild life here will be effected ,we did not move here to have towers destroying the environment. The wave from these towers are know to cause damage to people as Well as animals. This again why we pay higher taxes up here for the peace and tranquility that leaves towers and the like elsewhere.

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