Angry with county planning commission

November 17, 2017

OK Yucaipa, it’s time to get fired up! We were totally disrespected by the San Bernardino County Planning Commission last Thursday, Nov. 9, who voted 3-1 in favor of recommending to the Board of Supervisors to approve a Conditional Use Permit for a radio tower above the Wildwood Canyon State Park.

The fight to keep a radio tower and equipment building from our State Park has been going on for 10 years. It was a terrible idea when Lazar first proposed the tower and remains a horrible idea today. It’s time for Yucaipians to come together at the Board of Supervisors meeting and demand they do the right thing by denying the project as they have all along.

Last Thursday’s meeting made it clear that the planning commission places no value on our cultural resources, our scenic Wildwood Canyon, our General Plan, letters and resolutions from our city council, Trails and Open Space Committee along with our mayor, city councilmen, a petition and letters signed by over 20,000 people, to name just a few.

Placing our Wildwood Canyon at risk by all the crazy things that will happen on Piscah Peak Road, which is at the tip top of the ridge above the park, the reduced fire presentation measures.

The SB Planning Commission obviously does not get it, it makes me furious that they have the right to make a bad decision in our city. This tower and equipment building will be seen in our pristine Canyon, it would be an eyesore not to mention there are other locations that are suitable for this eye sore.

Shame on San Bernardino Planning Commission. Come on Yucaipa citizens, I’m mad and we can make a difference and stand in front of the Board of Supervisors, our elected officials. Keep your eye on the back page of the News Mirror for postings of our next battle.

Kristine Mohler, Yucaipa

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