Lazer Broadcasting finally gets a Conditional Use Permit for its tower; residents are outraged

Manny B. Sandoval – Nov. 19, 2017

After enduring 10 years of opposition, Lazer Broadcasting is still aiming to move forward with its plan to place a 43 foot tall monopole tower and a 100 square foot equipment building, on 38.12 acres, overlooking Wildwood Canyon State Park, in Yucaipa.The organization is planning the tower at the west side of Pisgah Peak Road, approximately 1.5 miles north of Wildwood Canyon Road.Lazer Broadcasting is a privately owned Spanish radio network, currently reaching Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

“Our goal is to expand our Spanish radio network across Southern California,” said Michael Rivera, Corporate Director of Sales at Lazer Broadcasting.

San Bernardino County Planning Commission held a meeting on Thursday, Nov 9.Many individuals from the city of Yucaipa, Wildwood Canyon State Park, Yucaipa Valley Conservancy, and The Wildlands Conservancy were in attendance.The San Bernardino County Planning Commission voted 3 to 1 in favor of recommending the project to the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors.“The city of Yucaipa would like to reiterate that it opposes the project, and requests that the county planning commission and board of supervisors deny the project,” said Paul Toomey, Director of Community Development. “Expansion of the radio station can be accomplished without the unnecessary degradation of the scenic nature of the proposed project site.”

 “Further, if this facility is constructed, it is almost certain that the county will receive additional applications for more communication towers and/or co-located facilities and therefore, the cumulative impacts and growth including impacts associated with this project also must be considered as significant,” concluded Toomey.

Yucaipa’s City Council has voted unanimously, twice, against the tower. More than 17,000 friends of Wildwood State Park have signed petitions against the tower.“This project has been going through the entitlement process since 2007,” said John K. Mirau, attorney representing citizens for the preservation of rural living.

“In 2009, the board of supervisors, took up the project on appeal from the planning commission and the project was denied. In 2012, the BOS denied the appeal and approved the project. CPRL challenged this approval under California Environmental Quality Act and the San Bernardino Superior Court overturned the approval with a finding that CEQA had been violated and ordered the county to prepare an Environmental Impact Report.”

“The city of Yucaipa, has voted against this project, twice. All of the open space, equestrian and community based organizations in Yucaipa have opposed the project. Only employees, vendors and others who will benefit financially from the project have spoken in favor of it,” Mirau said. For more information, visit

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