Lazer Broadcasting Needs An Alternative Site For Its Tower

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It’s not smart to make a business decision without reviewing all your options. That is exactly what Lazer Broadcasting is doing by ignoring seven alternative locations for its proposed radio tower in Yucaipa.

The current site for the tower poses severe risk to Wildwood Canyon State Park and has been opposed by the community for over a decade. So why force a radio tower into a location where no one wants it when
there are better locations available?

Bert Goldman, a technical consultant who specializes in AM and FM radio station relocations and upgrades, recently conducted an assessment of potential radio tower locations that would meet Lazer’s needs. Goldman has worked in the radio-engineering field for 40 years and served as the Vice Presidentof Engineering for Shamrock Broadcasting, Nationwide Broadcasting and ABC/Disney, and the ABC Radio Network.

In total, Goldman found that there are seven potential tower sites that meet Lazer’s business criteria to service the Hemet area and satisfy the requirements of the FCC. All of these sites are far enough away
from other radio towers to prevent interference, have the proper line of site to the community of license, and allow for service to the largest population possible.

Two of the locations are a significant improvement over the current proposed site and would increases Lazer’s listener population by over 500

Lazer’s current proposed site enhances the chances for wildfire in Wildwood Canyon State Park,
negatively impacts native species, and has been opposed by the City of Yucaipa, The Wildlands
Conservancy, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, and over 20,000 local residents.

Despite the environmental concerns and overwhelming community opposition, Lazer continues to try and move their project forward. In fact, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will be making a
final decision regarding this project on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 10 a.m. Lazer Broadcasting has a tremendousopportunity to be a great corporate citizen and relocate their tower to one of the alternative locations.

It is a win for them, and it is a win for the Yucaipa community.

Dave Miller


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