Speak Out Against the Lazer Tower

Image result for news mirror yucaipa californiaSince 2008, I have attended dozens of meetings and spoken out against the proposed Lazer Tower project in the Wildwood State Park on behalf of The Wildlands Conservancy.

Wildlands is dedicated to preserving the beauty and biodiversity of the earth and to provide programs so that children may know the wonder and joy of nature. Our 15 preserves and reserves are open to the public free of charge for outdoor education, hiking, picnicking, birding, camping and so much more.

Our Oak Glen Preserve, adjacent to Yucaipa, has almost a half million visitors every year. Many of these visitors make the hike up to Preservation Point, which overlooks the magnificent Wildwood State Park
where they find solace in the beauty and wonder of nature.

When Wildlands participated in the creation of the Wildwood State Park, we envisioned thousands of visitors coming to enjoy the grand beauty this natural habitat has to offer. This area is home to several protected species and watchable wildlife that thrive in this environmentally sensitive area.

Wildlands continues to oppose the Lazer Radio project along with thousands of our local neighbors,visitors, tourists, the city of Yucaipa, Yucaipa Valley Conservancy and the Citizens for the Preservation
of Rural Living.

We have an opportunity to protect one of our area’s last natural habitats. Please join us in speaking out against this project before it is too late.

Dana Rochat

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