Urging Lazer Broadcast to chose an alternative site

Why is Lazer Broadcasting so insistent on Wildwood Canyon when they have other options?

The Citizens for the Preservation of Rural Living has presented Lazer Broadcasting with seven alternative sites. The alternative locations are far enough away from other radio towers to prevent interference, have
the proper line of site to the community of license, and allow for service to the largest population possible.

All of the locations are a significant improvement over the current proposed site and two would increase Lazer Broadcasting’s listener population by over 500 percent. Lazer Broadcasting has finally agreed that
several of these locations satisfy the requirements of the FCC. Still, they have refused to move from the current location that will negatively impact Wildwood Canyon.

These alternative sites meet Lazer Broadcasting’s goals for their listenership, while also preserving Wildwood Canyon State Park for future generations. Occasionally we need our elected officials to have
the vision and courage to make decisions that will positively affect our region, and the voice of the people on this issue is strong. Don’t do this for me: do it for my three young daughters.

I urge the Board of Supervisors to listen to reason and tell Lazer Broadcasting to choose an alternative

Ken Coate

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  1. We are very concerned about the attempt to erect the tower in the Wildwood Canyon area and are very much opposed to that happening. If there are truly other satisfactory places to put it, do so.

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