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STOP THE TOWER NOW… to Save Wildwood Canyon State Park.

To Preserve Our Natural Vistas

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To Prevent Wildfires

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The Citizens for the Preservation of Rural Living (CPRL) is a coalition of San Bernardino County residents, elected officials, environmental advocacy groups and Wildwood Canyon State Park and Pisgah Peak wilderness recreational users.

Our purpose is to rally and focus support to stop Lazer Broadcasting Inc., from obtaining a permit to build a 5-story tall radio tower which would permanently damage today’s open and natural vistas of Pisgah Peak and Wildwood Canyon State Park areas of Yucaipa, California.

It is vital that the land remains open and pristine as conservation efforts are underway by the Yucaipa Valley Conservancy, The Wildlands Conservancy and the U.S. Forest Service to expand and protect these areas.

I hope you can join us in our fight to protect the Pisgah Peak and Wildwood Canyon State Park areas.

Transmission Complex Components

  • Almost 50-foot tall monopole radio broadcasting tower with four copper antenna
  • 100 sq. ft. equipment building with security lighting
  • Six foot high security fence around the radio tower and the equipment building
  • Access road, parking and turn-around for maintenance vehicles

Visual Impacts: 

  • The transmission complex will be visible from 65% of Wildwood Canyon State Park
  • Permanently damages today’s scenic natural vistas
  • Reduces property values as scenic views are damaged by a radio transmission complex

Environmental /Health Impacts: 

  • Installation of a 6,700 ft long underground utility line could impact sensitive vegetation, including the San Bernardino Aster, Robinson’s Pepper Grass, Santa Ana River Woollystar and the Slender-Homed Spineflower
  • Chances of brush fire become greater due to increased attraction of lightning strikes to the tower
  • San Bernardino County fire officials cited lightning as one of their biggest fears during dry years as it is a major cause of wildfires; we are currently in the fifth year of a severe drought and are experiencing the driest conditions California has had in over 500 years.
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that at least 4 million to 5 million birds are killed annually in communication tower collisions in the United States
  • Construction, including clearing and removing vegetation may also impact nesting habitat of several native bird species
  • The Coast Horned lizard, a species of concern, would be in constant danger during the construction phase of the radio transmission complex and weekly maintenance trips on Pisgah Peak Road
  • Park visitors will be exposed to dangerous radio frequencies

Recreation Impacts:

  • Visitors, including equestrian users, mountain bikers and hikers looking to escape the trappings of an urban setting will have to go elsewhere as the transmission complex will be visible from almost every vantage point
  • Pisgah Peak Road, an ungraded and unmaintained forest service dirt road, will become an access road as maintenance workers drive back and forth on a weekly basis to service equipment
  • Bird watchers may no longer spot several species of native birds as their natural habitat is impacted by the development of the transmission complex and harmful radio frequencies

San Bernardino County “Green” Initiative:

  • Project increases greenhouse emissions in San Bernardino County instead of reducing them
  • Impacts native species and biological resources in San Bernardino County instead of protecting them


Construct the radio broadcasting tower in an existing industrial zone

No build: Locate on an existing radio tower which would cause zero impacts to the surrounding area.


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