Question: Why a petition?

Answer: A petition is the easiest and most effective way of showing that there is more than a few affected residents who are concerned and do not want a radio tower built that will upset the scenic landscape and natural resources of the area.

Question: What animal species could be harmed by the radio tower project?

Answer: The coast horned lizard, a species of concern, has been identified living at the proposed construction site. Other species of concern that are known to live in the vicinity are the western yellow bat and several types of birds: the black chin, belles and rufous-crowned sparrow, lawrence goldfinch and the loggerhead shrike.

Question: Which region will the new radio tower serve?

Answer: The corporation admits that more than half of the market to be served by the new tower will be outside of San Bernardino County. A large segment of San Bernardino County residents will not receive reception even though the out-of-area coverage will be expanded.

Question: How many people visit the Pisgah Peak and Wildwood Canyon State Park areas every year?

Answer: Thousands of equestrian users, mountain bikers, hikers and campers along with local families enjoy the open wilderness area each year.

Question: What plant species could be harmed by the radio tower?

Answer: Sensitive vegetation that could be impacted by the radio tower and construction elements includes the San Bernardino Aster, Robinson’s Pepper Grass, Santa Ana River Woollystar and the Slender-homed Spineflower.

Question: Will the tower interfere with conservation efforts?

Answer: Yes. The proposed location sits directly between two protected zones of open space managed by Yucaipa Valley Conservancy and The Wildlands Conservancy. If the land were developed, neither group would be able to incorporate it into their conservancy plan.

Question: Will just a radio tower be built?

Answer: No. A transmission complex with a six-foot tall spiked fence enclosure, equipment building, service road and parking for maintenance vehicles will accompany the radio broadcast tower.

Question: Is there an alternative to constructing a nearly 50-foot high tower?

Answer: Yes. There is a no build option where Lazer Broadcasting Inc. could locate on an existing radio tower. However, they would rather impact the environment than install their equipment on an existing radio tower.

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