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    Dear Chairman Lovingood,

    For nearly a decade, the communities of Yucaipa and Oak Glen have spoken out against the proposed Lazer Broadcasting radio tower. These communities remain resolute in their opposition to the tower. I am joining the more than 20,000 concerned citizens that have submitted letters to the County of San Bernardino.

    Lazer Broadcasting have been presented with seven alternative locations. They have finally agreed that several of these locations satisfy the requirements of the FCC. Still, Lazer Broadcasting has refused to move from the current location that will negatively affect Wildwood Canyon Park. The alternative locations are far enough away from other radio towers to prevent interference, have the proper line of site to the community of license, and allow for service to the largest population possible. All of the locations are a significant improvement over the current proposed site and two would increase Lazer Broadcasting’s listener population by over 500%.

    Lazer Broadcasting’s proposed radio tower location has numerous risks to the Wildwood Canyon State Park and the surrounding area. There is a serious risk of fire due to it being laden with chaparral and other flammable plants, as well as a concern for the lack of emergency vehicle access. This concern was expressed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in previous hearings.

    The location would interfere with the expansion and preservation efforts of the U.S. Forest Service to mitigate effects of development in rural areas. It threatens to obstruct the park’s natural and pristine vistas, affect the rare and endangered species that call the park home, and impact miles of sensitive vegetation. Additionally, it would sit upon an area that is defined as a Native American cultural landscape, according to the National Park Service and Advisory Council on Historic Preservations, and is linked to the broader landscape of the Serrano Indians and their regional history.

    Now is your opportunity to demand Lazer Broadcasting to choose an alternative location. I am hopeful that you agree that this project would negatively impact abutting properties and would be inconsistent with the goals, maps, policies and standards of the General Plan and the Oak Glen Community Plan. I strongly urge the County of San Bernardino to deny this project with prejudice.



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