Yucaipa Valley Conservancy Chairman

When you seek the shade
of a great oak or cedar
they won’t ask you why –
They already know.

The Resting
by David Miller

We need more sanctuaries –
places where we can walk hand-in-hand
with ourselves, a friend, or
Not more places to shop
or their clarion towers proclaiming.

We need more shady spaces
and their peaceful shadows humming
softly within ourselves, our friends, or
Not more signs and symbols
of our harlequin powers defaming.

We need less self-supremacy
over these tangible graces within
ourselves, our friends, or
the songs of creation,

We need more self control and heeding
to the laws of Nature and her kin,
Our brothers and sisters
the coyote and the wildcat resting
waiting, for our next move …..

* * * * * * * *

This is the centennial year of the National Park Service.
Our Wildwood Canyon State Park may be humble
by national park standards,
and their 300 million visits each year,
but, what’s wrong with humble.

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